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Full Version: Patch Notes [12/28/2016]
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Crim's been very busy the last month, and finally has the 2016 Christmas event ready.
Visit the Snowman at home to start the event, and kill monsters for your chance at the rare, tradeable sled!
A 2017 event will be coming soon, and both events will be in-game until January.
The Christmas event was very experimental from a development point of view, and contains custom dialogue, options, buying items, etc.
All of this work will be reusable later on, when we expand into quests.

Kill monsters for your chance to get your hands on your own sled. The odds of getting the drop are (1 of (500 - CombatLevel)). If the enemy is over level 500 it will be a 1/25 chance. This drop will be announced server-wide.
The inhabitants of Lumbridge are now friendly and will have a nice conversation with you.
There was a slight issue with the Black Mask which may have messed with the Slayer Helmet. It has been addressed.
The Doomcore Staff is now properly working so issues shouldn't be around with it anymore.
Some colorful fires are coming in the near future be sure to keep an eye out for them as will the New Years event!
The charter npc has been added to the dock south of home and will be expanded on soon.

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