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Player advertising another server
Posted by: Doom - 09-08-2017, 10:12 AM - Forum: Reports - Replies (1)

Your in-game username: Doom
The username of the person you are reporting: Marocco
What they did: advertised another server
Approximately when did this occur? 10:00 AM September 8
Screenshot/Video proof: Attached
Additional relevant information: The player is still logged on

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Linux Client Support
Posted by: Sobel - 09-05-2017, 06:00 AM - Forum: Technical support - Replies (1)

Hey there,
Loving the server so far, just wondering if there is a plan to add Linux support.

At the moment I am just running:

java -jar Necrotic_Launcher.jar
I get to the log in screen but it seems to freeze after logging in (Before the game world loads).
[Image: PZQKJq5.png]

No exceptions nor output are thrown to the terminal.

Using the standalone client I get the following NullPointerException (Right as it freezes as I am logging in):

<redacted>@<redacted>:~/Downloads$ sudo java -jar Necrotic.jar
[sudo] password for <redacted>:
Naturally found cache update. No manual overrides detected, proceeding as normal. Current: 0.0, Newest: 65.0
Sep 05, 2017 7:52:43 PM java.util.prefs.FileSystemPreferences$1 run
INFO: Created user preferences directory.
at org.necrotic.client.GeneratedValues.getValue(
at org.necrotic.client.Client.login(
at org.necrotic.client.Client.processLoginScreenInput(
at org.necrotic.client.Client.processGameLoop(

I have to use sudo otherwise nothing seems to load at all (With the standalone).

Obviously this is not a high priority but I would love to play the server on my daily driver :)


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hand cannon shots
Posted by: decade - 09-04-2017, 11:43 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (5)

add hand cannon shots into range store as they are too hard to obtain through slayer shop.

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Afk Timer
Posted by: Umbreon - 09-04-2017, 12:30 AM - Forum: Voting - Replies (3)

Due to recent screw ups on my end which cause my account to be logged in while I wasn't actually on, I got to thinking that an Afk-Timer would be beneficial. A time limit of 15-20 minutes for the timer would be fair, in my opinion.

For one reason, when an account gets stuck logged in while the player themselves are not actually on, the Afk-Timer would forcefully log their account out after a set amount of time.

Another reason, while we all want to be able to earn the Veteran title for the achievements, the timer will prevent players from going afk overnight/whenever to farm the loyalty points needed for the title.

As well, this timer will help compensate for when there are no staff online and a player needs someone to kick them due to various reasons. All-in-all, I believe this Afk-Timer would be a good addition to the server.

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Posted by: X_X_Hope_X_X - 09-03-2017, 09:16 PM - Forum: Voting - Replies (3)

Adding flasks to the herblore skill and possibly shops? Ofcourse I would like to see the extreme's and overloads tradable too. This can benefit longer runs and if not longer runs better survival odds against corp/nex/boss w/tokens. It would also make soloing bosses more viable and in my opinion promote a healthier player base since its a little hard to find a partner to do bossing.

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Extreme & Overloads Tradable?
Posted by: X_X_Hope_X_X - 09-03-2017, 09:13 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

Allow the trading of Extreme and Overload potions, I understand it isn't hard to train herblore and such but allowing them to be tradable would allow skillers(like myself) to have another way to make money off the other players in the community.

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Adding Custom Item Death Cape?
Posted by: X_X_Hope_X_X - 09-03-2017, 06:52 PM - Forum: Denied - Replies (3)

With the wings and stat bonus' for the Death Cape it would allow the Potion of Flight from the Phoenix drop actually be useful as an item. It would look cool.

Possibly adding this as a drop to KBD? something like a 1/750 drop rate would be interesting. This is just a personal opinion however and it could end up as a donor item or vote store too?

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check this out!!!!!
Posted by: decade - 09-02-2017, 02:16 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

back to back drops!!!! :) awesome RNG this afternoon

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clue scrolls
Posted by: decade - 09-02-2017, 02:20 AM - Forum: Denied - Replies (3)

allow players to hold and get more than one clue scroll at a time.

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about pvp gear. (stat, vesta, mor, zur)
Posted by: decade - 08-29-2017, 04:49 AM - Forum: Feedback - Replies (6)

. i can understand why you guys thought itd be good for pvp gear to be degradeable. (because of stats) but that completely kills everyone's desire to use it. in the month that ive been playing this server, i can honestly say, at least 10 people have told me that they disliked that feature. thats basically the server lol
so my suggestion is, make pvp gear/weapons back to the way they were(undegradeable).

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