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Necrotic - Moving into 2017 - Crimson - 12-29-2016

Here's a few of the changes I'm hoping to have implemented by this time next year.
In no particular order,
  • Migrate to domain.
  • Re-implement Hiscores, with gamemode-specific pages.
  • Revert difficulties to a single difficulty.
  • Expand Dungeoneering, re-write exp & token formulas.
  • Re-create major cities are they are in RS, with important shops and NPCs.
  • Re-create a few of the landmark quests from RS, and create a few custom ones.
  • Re-make Member Shop to include less P2W gear.
  • Implement new bosses with unique combat (one prayer will not save you).
  • Create daily challenge system.
  • Create guild system.
  • Decrease amount of rare items brought into the game.
  • Expand Member's Zone to include more skilling plots.
  • Re-write farming.
  • Remove and replace Revenant system.
  • Redo Wilderness bosses.
  • Zulrah re-design.
  • Create Ironman-mode specific shops.
  • Increase Nex difficulty.
  • Re-create Last Man Standing.
What changes would you like to see in the new year?

RE: Necrotic - Moving into 2017 - Crimson - 01-02-2017

Bump, this was written before it was public.