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Patch Notes [6/13/2017] (Update #73) - Crimson - 06-13-2017

Today's updates...
  • Evil tree! Chop it down for noted logs. Current location in Player panel. Adze doesn't burn paper. Only gives logs you can cut.
  • Double vote point weekends removed - we'll offer this again in the future, thanks for participating in our test!
  • Onyx bolt spec can overheal with Nex armors.
  • Seers ring drop rates corrected.
  • Serpentine helm moved to member shop 2.
  • PMing sending messages in public fixed.
  • 60 def requirement for dragon kiteshield.
  • Tiaras clip properly.
  • Smith 4 cannonballs for every steel bar now.
  • Wildywyrm location in player panel.
  • Noted version of mahogany logs.
  • Evil tree, shooting star spawn on server (re)start.
  • ::checkwiki allows for spaces
  • Reduced pest control departure delay.
  • Fixed Dagganoth prime pet's name.
  • Well of goodwill status shows in player panel.
  • Fire runes no longer have terrible clipping in inventory.
  • Misc. bug fixes.
[Image: oDBzjCV.gif]
[Image: 1AjNemr.png]
[Image: FRcrxfS.gif]
[Image: fT6Es7k.png]

RE: Patch Notes [6/13/2017] (Update #73) - DabLoads - 06-13-2017

Thank the lord the Eco won't be ruined anymore with the 40 balls per bar