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Monthly Feedback Results #1 (June, 2017) - Crimson - 06-24-2017

We had a total of 19 respondees to this survey for June, and I believe we got some great, invaluable information.
Thanks to everyone who has replied to this survey! I have replied to all questions/advice that was relevant, and I will be running these polls in the future!
This is the longest forum thread to date (as far as I am aware, totalling over 13,500 characters, and I spent 4 hours going over the data for this thread.
There are 4 sections the poll was split up into, and all questions are shown exactly the same as they were asked.

Section 1/4

How long have you been playing Necrotic? (19 responses)

Are you a Member? (19 responses)

Where did you find us? (18 responses)

I would recommend Necrotic to a friend. (19 responses)

I am satisfied with the amount of staff members. (19 responses)

Section 2/4 - In-game questions

I like the home location. (19 responses)

The Home area is very well laid-out. (19 responses)

I am satisfied with the PvE (monster/boss) content. (19 responses)

I am satisfied with the PvP (Pking) content. (19 responses)

I am satisfied with the skilling content. (19 responses)

I am satisfied with the minigames available. (19 responses)

The teleport interface is easy to use (19 responses)

Advertisers are a current issue. (19 responses)

Macro/botters are a current issue. (19 responses)

Section 3/4 - Development questions

I know where I should report bugs, and make suggestions. (19 responses)

I trust that our developers are competent. (19 responses)

Bug reports are handled properly. (19 responses)

Suggestions are handled properly. (19 responses)

I am satisfied with our updates. (19 responses)

What should the developers focus on? (19 responses)
Questions to the devs
Advice for the devs

Section 4/4 - Final section
-Note, web and forums have recieved updates since the poll.

Our website is attractive. (19 responses)

Our forum theme is attractive. (19 responses)

Our Discord is a good way to communicate with players. (19 responses)

Do you follow Necrotic on social media? (Check all that apply) (Out of 19 responses)

Overall, I am satisfied as a player. (19 responses)

End. Angel

RE: Monthly Feedback Results #1 (June, 2017) - Higurashi - 06-24-2017

I would like to be a broken record and share my own appreciations towards you guys for the feedback. Thank you guys so much for all the responses, support, ideas, constructive criticism, and most of all; memories. We would be nothing without you guys and I love the community we are all forging together.