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Afk Timer
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Afk Timer 1
Due to recent screw ups on my end which cause my account to be logged in while I wasn't actually on, I got to thinking that an Afk-Timer would be beneficial. A time limit of 15-20 minutes for the timer would be fair, in my opinion.

For one reason, when an account gets stuck logged in while the player themselves are not actually on, the Afk-Timer would forcefully log their account out after a set amount of time.

Another reason, while we all want to be able to earn the Veteran title for the achievements, the timer will prevent players from going afk overnight/whenever to farm the loyalty points needed for the title.

As well, this timer will help compensate for when there are no staff online and a player needs someone to kick them due to various reasons. All-in-all, I believe this Afk-Timer would be a good addition to the server.

RE: Afk Timer 2

Point well spoken, and I like the idea personally. I hope it passes.

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RE: Afk Timer 4
I didn't like the idea about kicking players while they are afk.. I believe players should stay online if they like to be afk.. It will also help community to grow.. like sometimes we have no players online at all.. so, if new player will join.. he will think it's a dead server then he will leave.

as a solution we could have like check if player disconnect or close client it will automaticly kick him out

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