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Linux Client Support
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Linux Client Support 1
Hey there,
Loving the server so far, just wondering if there is a plan to add Linux support.

At the moment I am just running:
java -jar Necrotic_Launcher.jar
I get to the log in screen but it seems to freeze after logging in (Before the game world loads).
[Image: PZQKJq5.png]

No exceptions nor output are thrown to the terminal.

Using the standalone client I get the following NullPointerException (Right as it freezes as I am logging in):

<redacted>@<redacted>:~/Downloads$ sudo java -jar Necrotic.jar
[sudo] password for <redacted>:
Naturally found cache update. No manual overrides detected, proceeding as normal. Current: 0.0, Newest: 65.0
Sep 05, 2017 7:52:43 PM java.util.prefs.FileSystemPreferences$1 run
INFO: Created user preferences directory.
at org.necrotic.client.GeneratedValues.getValue(
at org.necrotic.client.Client.login(
at org.necrotic.client.Client.processLoginScreenInput(
at org.necrotic.client.Client.processGameLoop(

I have to use sudo otherwise nothing seems to load at all (With the standalone).

Obviously this is not a high priority but I would love to play the server on my daily driver :)


RE: Linux Client Support 2
Yes, there is plans to support Linux. There was someone using a Raspi who ran into a similar situation. I don't have a (graphical) Linux device I could easily test with right now, but will eventually get around to installing a VM and getting it to work.

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