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Pretty Bad - Support Application
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Pretty Bad - Support Application 1
Position you are applying for: Server Support

What is your in-game username? Pretty Bad

Age: 22

Timezone: Central Standard Time 

Have you ever been staff on an RSPS before? If so, which?   HaxScape circa 2010(?)

Why do you feel you deserve staff?   I am consistently one of the few on the server and am usually the first person new players meet. I am very knowledgeable about the game and try to help anyone whenever I can. The big reason is that in my month of playing this server I have only seen staff online on 4 separate occasions. The server needs someone who is active and is willing/able to help players.  

What would you do if you were chosen for your selected position?    I would continue to do everything I am doing now with helping the community and continue to work at retaining as many newcomers as possible. Smokey and I have been doing this with simple starter packs of mid-high level gear that way they have something more than dragon until they're able to upgrade via boss drops. I would also like to start more conversation on the forums. They are entirely dead and I think weekly trivia for a chance to win items could stir up some more conversation on there.

Extra information you would like us to know about you:    The biggest thing I have going against me at the moment is the fact that I am not active on the forums or the discord. This is mainly due to the fact that really has not been a post since I started playing this game. I know that forum presence is a very important thing as a staff member but the server needs an in-game presence first and foremost.  

RE: Pretty Bad - Support Application 2
Thanks for the application, it will be considered despite not being active on forums/discord.

RE: Pretty Bad - Support Application 3
I have seen you each time I have had internet and was on :) I can only vouch for your activity.

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