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Fight me ;)
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Fight me ;) 1
Hello everyone. This isn't moreso an event rather than a call to arms.

Any time you see me online, feel free to ask me for a fight! I love pking, and 'd like to see Necrotic get a slightly larger player base that likes to participate in wilderness activities. 

I do realize we have a small player base as it is, but once people see that there's more to be done than skill or PvM, maybe they'd like to stay.

Sorry if this shouldn't go here. I couldn't think of where else to put it. So, apologies in advance. <3


RE: Fight me ;) 2
I look forward to running into ya :P you can pick our gear and I will always give yours back. :)

RE: Fight me ;) 3
Like I said before. If I see you at my Wyrm things will not go well for you.

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