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Server. 1
did this server shut down yet or what?
EVERYTIME I log in 0 players are online lolz

[Image: DabLoads.png]You guys changed my life,
Thanks Necrotic Community❤️

RE: Server. 2
  • The project doesn't make a lot of money.
  • Necrotic will live without money, but we won't be able to buy ads.
  • Have been short on time recently - job, college, etc.

Necrotic has always been a project largely unreliable on income. Hosting is cheap. I do not make much money for my time developing (my only idiosyncratic charge to the server is a netflix sub). Purchases are reinvested into the project. As such, having a slow/rough period isn't enough to kill the project.

In August, we spent our advertising budget but did not get adequate returns. It was our least successful advertisement period, and was a financial failure.
Since then, we've been accumulating funds from purchases to afford more advertisements.

Even while developing full time, I didn't come close to making minimum wage.
As a result, I needed to find more stable work, which has led to less time for Necrotic.
On top of that, I'm a college student, and live with all the related engagements.
These cumulatively have recently deprived Necrotic of my excess time.

Lastly, in a hypothetical situation where I personally was not able to continue the project, I would absolutely release the code.

RE: Server. 3
So what does thus mean for the server? Will it still remain up? Or when it dies?

RE: Server. 4
I paid for another year of hosting in February, but do not currently have any updates planned.

RE: Server. 5
I applaud you for sticking with it for as long as you have, Crimson. You must have zero free time with all the engagements you described and that's tough. I hope something changes for the better during this year.

RE: Server. 6
I have released the source code to this project and do not plan any further updates, unfortunately.
The project was great while it lasted.

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