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Rank application guidelines - Read this before you apply!
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Rank application guidelines - Read this before you apply! 1
Application form and guidelines.

We are currently looking for people who can contribute their time to our happy server. Currently, these are the ranks we are looking to find:

You are here to help out new players, and may occasionally have to deal with low-level problems.

- Must have been registered in-game for at least 2 weeks.
- Must have some presence on forums.
- Must be active, and established in-game.
- Speak and type fluent English.
- Must be familiar with the rules of the server.
- Must have no major unforgiving infractions against the server.
- It will help your application greatly if we observe you actively helping players in game.
- Must be active in our Discord server.

You are in charge of the players, and the support. You are allowed to mute and kick, but not ban.

- Must be successful as a Support member.
- Must know all rules of the server.

When applying for a rank with us, use the following form:

Please note, if you do not follow the form when you apply, your application will be denied.
Quote:Position you are applying for:

What is your in-game username?



Have you ever been staff on an RSPS before? If so, which?

Why do you feel you deserve staff?

What would you do if you were chosen for your selected position?

Extra information you would like us to know about you:

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