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Christmas Event
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Christmas Event 1
We want to have a custom and unique event shaped by you guys. Please give us your ideas and we can try merging them all together for a great event. If we can't merge it down then we can break it down into a poll where you guys vote on which event idea sounds best.

Thanks a bunch guys and we look forward to the upcoming holidays!

RE: Christmas Event 2
#First of all sorry about my English skill its my third language so there might be mistakes

How Runescape Christmas was saved!

/// the story
Let's say that the Santa just arrived to Varrock. When he was checking his presents and the naughty list he got robbed by " someone evil" and the muggers took all the presents and hide everything.

Step one: Talk to ELf who's located @ home, ask him about the Santa clause and he will tell you the story

Step two: Find Santa who's @ Varrock and he will ask for your help to get the presents back. Also, he will tell you that he heard a rumour that one present is hidden @ "x spot" (like a clue hint)

Step three: Finding the presents. when you find the present (maybe dig them out or something) an npc spawns whom you have to kill, it will drop a hint to a next present location and so on and on. like 5-6 presents. Each time the npc would be stronger

Step Four: Once you have all the gifts retrieve them to the Santa and get a present from him (Black Santa maybe)
And have changed to get hweens, Santas, crackers from the drops maybe?

Well, that's my idea about the event
Happy incoming Christmas!

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RE: Christmas Event 3
Oh boy its my time to shine as holiday [censored] 3pac

Santa is of course necessary for this event, but seeing as he's [censored] folklore and I'm an [censored], I think it won't mix and I think we'll have to pass.

My solution is simple, create an event that caters to everyone. Although I am an [censored], I propose that Crimson take the place of Santa in this event. This won't offend [censored] and fellow [censored] alike as Crimson is neither a [censored] nor a human, he is simply Crimson. The Crimson NPC should hand out full Torva to everyone except for [censored] (so only me), this makes it both fair and balanced as soon I will be Mod Torva 3pac, which makes me a super powerful [censored] and therefore I will no longer be a fedora wearing [censored], saving my life.

People who don't get Torva by the end of the event shall be sent to Nex [censored], where they have to fight 10 Nexi at once. When they eventually beat it (or quit because Nex is very difficult) they shall be granted a free pass back to the Necrotic mainland, which is redeemable at Bob's brilliant axes for a free gold trimmed Bronze axe.

Thanks for reading my suggestion.

Thanks Hig for killing off one of the best suggestions ever suggested.

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RE: Christmas Event 4
I've seen this in DarkScape for the Christmas event I think (or maybe it was Halloween):

A boss monster is spawned in a known place in the world (ex Grand Exchange), and killing him grants a reward.
The boss could also be switched out with a squad (x10 maybe) of any NPC that could be considered christmas-themed.

This idea is centered around PvM, so I've also come with a skill-oriented event idea:

A special tree is added that gives woodcutting xp, but no logs. However, it would work like a shooting star, and some form of currency could be accumulated that could be spent in a reward shop. If a reward shop seems like a bad idea, you could also reward mystery boxes that look like presents (they already do, but I imagined more festive boxes), and these would be rewarded at some form of RNG rate.

I don't necessarily have any lore for either of the ideas, but I'm sure it could be made up easily. Feel free to use this idea, pass up on it, or use some concepts I've mentioned.

Happy Holidays, all!

RE: Christmas Event 5
So no event ?

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RE: Christmas Event 6
(12-28-2016, 06:52 AM)Fedex Wrote: So no event ?

Due to time restrictions, I will be releasing both the New Year and Christmas event within the next few days. It's still coming, just late.

RE: Christmas Event 7

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