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Patch Notes [11/29/2016]
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Patch Notes [11/29/2016] 1
Slowly yet surely changes and progress is being made throughout the entire server. This week some quality of life changes have happened and magic got tinkered with. So without me dragging this out any more...

Runes actually serve their intended purpose now! You cannot just have one of each rune and somehow manage to cast spells.
You can now cast Vengeance Other on one another. It can be used without skulling you; should be fun to play with.
Lumbridge appears to be inhabited now from.. familiar faces? The increase of population doesn't look like it is just ending here. More to come!
Ever check out the landslide at nex and seen the crazy gibberish and symbols? No worries it is gone now, say farewell to our friend "(!∞#12þë!¿É╗@•)"

If you happen to run into any issues be sure to report it on our bug reports. It will be taken cared of and fixed on the next update. If you have any ideas for new content or how things can be different be sure to throw it at us on the forums under suggestions. Lastly one last thing! Please check out the newest poll that we have going on! (::tid 375) It is for the upcoming holidays and believe it or not December is already here!

RE: Patch [11/29/2016] 2
wtf are these patch notes you arent crimson go away noob no one likes your patch notes

Thanks Hig for killing off one of the best suggestions ever suggested.

[Image: af614fa9708e1fb162e9a198908d3a54.png]


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