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Patch Notes [1/1/2017]
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Patch Notes [1/1/2017] 1
Happy 2017 to everyone. Once I sober up in the afternoon, I will be posting a thread on the state of the server, and my thoughts moving into 2017.

Utilizing Discord Webhooks, all yells and in-game announcements will be broadcasted to the appropriate channels in discord. (#in-game-activity) and (#in-game-yells).
With great power comes great responsibility, and we'll be sure to see this system isn't abused.
There is no way to transfer a message from the Discord chat to the game-server, and this isn't something I anticipate doing.
If you aren't in our Discord room yet, click the "Chat Room" button at the top of the website.
Finally, if you're not interested in getting these messages, simply opt-out by clicking the bell in the top right of the corresponding Discord channel.

Fixed an issue with the Christmas Event dialogue stating that Explorer Jack was in Lumbridge. He is in fact at home.

(Also, also)
A few (reusable, untradeable) firelighters will be given out later today to celebrate the new year. See media.

[Image: ExemplaryBlankCockatoo.gif]

[Image: LimitedScholarlyIberianbarbel.gif]

[Image: ShrillUltimateAdouri.gif]

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