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Zulrah Feedback/Information
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Rainbow  Zulrah Feedback/Information 1
Zulrah has just been released for testing. In it's current phase, it drops only a few items, and will have it's signature items added before the public release on Friday.

If you die at Zulrah, you will keep all of your items.
After killing Zulrah, you will have to leave and teleport again for another to spawn.
The mechanics are loosely based of OSRS, but aren't the same. You will have to experiment to decide the best way to defeat the boss.
Zulrah has a phase that can easily 1-shot you. This is intentional, and there are mechanics involved. It's completely avoidable.
There isn't too much difference between the green and blue phases.
Zulrah was never planned with having an item return, however during my own testing, I've determined it might be a good idea to offer one.
Good luck hunting Zulrah, I will be monitoring this thread for feedback, and look forward to the full release.

RE: Zulrah Feedback/Information 2
Firstly, if you die or leave Zulrah before you kill it, or you die and go back, the old form stays there and also a new Zulrah will spawn.
Secondly, cant pick up my ammunation, they are under the Zulrah and cant be reached even with Telekinetic Grab.

RE: Zulrah Feedback/Information 3
I like it. With the current bug spawning numerous of them I would love to try and have to fight numerous of them at a time. Make it multi combat temporarily?

[Image: MDc9QKx.gif]

RE: Zulrah Feedback/Information 4
I've addressed the issue with multiple zulrahs.

I'll take a look into the ammo situation. For now, try using a Ava's.

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