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How Secure Is Your Password?
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How Secure Is Your Password? 1
The purpose of this thread is to bring awareness to potential security issues with weak account passwords.

Every month on a random day I use PasswordGenerator to give me a new password for all of my accounts. To make things more complex, every account has a different password.

Go to, type your password (or a fake one), and share the results!

My current password:
[Image: W5mRtN5.png]

~ Stay the Course ~

RE: How Secure Is Your Password? 2
[Image: x6RAzMS.png]

Godbless password savers, i only know like 2 of my passwords.

[Image: O1lNNZn.gif]

RE: How Secure Is Your Password? 3
5 seconds but no one gives a shit about me so im good fam (please don't hack me)

Thanks Hig for killing off one of the best suggestions ever suggested.

[Image: af614fa9708e1fb162e9a198908d3a54.png]


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