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Patch Notes [6/22/2017] (Update #75)
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Patch Notes [6/22/2017] (Update #75) 1
Todays patch notes are listed below.
Please test the new drop interface with the ::drops command, and report any bugs/feedback before it's fully integrated.

  • Drop interface TEST is live. Open with ::drops
  • You can now choose PM and Clan chat colors separately. 
  • Well Of Goodwill player panel text fixed. 
  • All Wildy Wyrm locations are now multi. 
  • Dragonstone Amulet now equips properly. 
  • You can now smith Bronze to Rune Crossbows with smithing. 
  • You can now smith Bronze to Rune Pickaxes.
  • Bronze to Adamant Crossbows have had there weapon interface corrected. 
  • Wildy Obelisk teleport delay increased to 5 seconds. (Was 2 seconds before it is now on par with 07). 
  • Pking skulls now last 20 minutes instead of 5. (On par with 07). 
  • DFS now has same stats as charged DFS. 
  • Mith dragon drops adjusted. 
  • You're now able to speak again at smithing area. 
  • Aquanite drop table populated. 

[Image: pXJW2jI.png]
[Image: nszZdT9.png]
[Image: JSDvg0i.png]
[Image: fqXlA4n.png]

[Image: O1lNNZn.gif]

RE: Patch Notes [6/22/2017] (Update #75) 2
Keep up the great works guys. Cannot wait to see how much fun the wyrm is going to become now.

RE: Patch Notes [6/22/2017] (Update #75) 3
what that guy said ^

RE: Patch Notes [6/22/2017] (Update #75) 4
(06-22-2017, 05:16 PM)Greyson Wrote: what that guy said ^

that guys a nobody don't listen to him.

RE: Patch Notes [6/22/2017] (Update #75) 5
Good job guys  Kissing Heart

RE: Patch Notes [6/22/2017] (Update #75) 6
Good job guys,
I enjoyed doing the poll,
I enjoy the new drop interface as well,
It's sleek and straight to the point,
Keep up the good work fellas?

[Image: DabLoads.png]You guys changed my life,
Thanks Necrotic Community❤️

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