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Suggestion Requirements
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Information  Suggestion Requirements 1
Suggestions now have very specific requirements that need to be met in order to eventually get added to the game.

When posting suggestions:
  • Choose a title related to your suggestion.
  • Be as thorough and clear as possible.
  • Apply the "Pending" thread prefix.
  • Post a poll with two options matching the settings at "Poll Settings" below.
  • Post only one suggestion per thread.
Poll settings:
  • Question: Should this suggestion be implemented?
  • Option 1: Yes.
  • Option 2: No.
  • Allow multiple choice: False
  • Public poll: True
  • Poll timeout: 7 (days)
The Process:
  1. User posts suggestion with proper format.
  2. Staff will take the original 7 days to comment, and vote on the poll.
  3. Assuming the majority of staff (incl. 1 dev) vote in favor, public voting begins for 14 days.
  4. Assuming the poll achieves at least 75% approval, and has at least 5 additional votes after the 14 day period, it will be finalized.
  5. The update will make it into the game at a future stage.

  • In some cases, some suggestions may be vetoed.

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