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Patch Notes [7/25/2017] (Update #77)
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Patch Notes [7/25/2017] (Update #77) 1
Hey guys we have a nice update for you hear today that includes gambling, a long with other exciting updates like degrading Ancient PvP Armours!

- Recent lag you've possibly experienced should be resolved now. 
- Reduced the price of multiple items when selling them to a shop.
- Trio drop rates nerfed. 
- You can now right click the Slayer Gem to check remaining kills. 
- Improved our current degrading system to work better and expand easier. 
- Ancient PvP armour(Statius, Vesta, Zuriels, Morrigans) now will degrade after 1 hit and become untradeable, after 1 hour of combat it will crumble to dust.
-  Potion Decanting is here, You can do this via the Herblore NPC via the Skill tabs. 
- Gambling is here, we're starting off with releasing dice bag (roll up to 100). You can teleport to the Gambling area via the command ::gamble , With that being said you can go to the member zone and pick up a dice bag for 500m gold. The dice bag is untradeable. You can only roll dice in your own clan chat. 
- PvP attack bug should now be fixed, please let us know if you have any issues!
- Food crate removed and renamed to Vote crate. 
- Achievement rewards now will go to the proper bank tab. 
- Potions are now aligned properly. 
- Groundtext command now saves in settings file locally to prevent you from having to constantly use the command, and is lowered more to the floor.
- Weapons interface now update properly when an item degrades. 
- Gear bonuses will now properly update when an item degrades. 
- Odium + Malediction Ward
- Armadyl talisman now properly named Soul Talisman. 
- Hiscores now update on logout. 

[Image: BWLzNd9.png]
[Image: RadiantSplendidAcouchi.gif]
[Image: ColdEntireHarborporpoise.gif]
[Image: EBbrbEj.png]
[Image: YkxaKPM.png]
[Image: RiWNc3m.png]
[Image: kJVf6V3.png]
[Image: nnV7MJF.png]

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RE: Patch Notes [7/25/2017] (Update #77) 2
In other news, happy birthday Higurashi, congratz to Greyson on Moderator.

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