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  • Patch Notes [10/25/2016]

    Posted on Tuesday October 25, 2016

    Added functionality to the summoning orb. Right click on it to view your options.
    Added teleportation functionality to the Globe. Left click it to teleport accros Necrotic.
    HCIM can unnote any noted item by using it on a bank.
    Cannon re-enabled, anims still broken.
    Dragon-kite value increased to 3m.
    Created hooks for modifying existing animations.

    [Image: BBCWRBS.png]
    [Image: pP36PXz.png]
    [Image: ZrqBZvg.png]
  • Patch Notes [10/21/2016]

    Posted on Friday October 21, 2016

    Happy Halloween!

    Take the Event Portal outside of home to access this Halloween's event!
    There are 7 equitable items for you to collect, which are exclusive to this year's event.
    A few Necromancers and their fiendish comrades have taken over Draynor manor, and it's your job to get rid of them.
    There are 10 drops from the from the 3 types of monster in Draynor, each has 3 unique drops, and each has a chance to drop a dagger.

    You'll have to figure how to use these items to create your event rewards.

    You will need to equip all 7 of the collectable items for the event to be completed. After that, you'll be able to access all of the rewards from Diango at :Confusedhops whenever you'd like.

    Here's the final reward set:
    [Image: vMRzZNo.png]

    Portal at Home:
    [Image: gEyjk9z.jpg]

    Diango's Shop:
    [Image: cf0IMmK.png]

    Draynor Event:
    [Image: 6qHqikS.jpg]

    This is our first holiday event, and the idea behind it was to create a fairly easy minigame that wouldn't take too much time, but require a bit of thinking, and could be completed by even low level characters.
    This was the result.
    If you like this style of event, or think in the future a different approach would be better, please let me know!

    Happy Halloween everyone.

    I will be continuing development on Zulrah at this point.
    We also now own the domain which helps with our search engine ranking. I was considering moving from .org to .net, but for the time being, am opting not to.
  • Steps towards stopping disconnections

    Posted on Saturday October 15, 2016

    Hey, quick PSA...

    The past week or so disconnections have been frequent, and many players have expressed discontent with the server we're host from.
    In an event to remedy this issue, I've reached out to our provider, who found someone seeding torrents 24/7 on the same hardware we use... as a result, we've been crippled by the actions of another user.

    At this point, the host has suspended the other user on the hardware who was abusing the node, and our uptime should return to it's previously stable state.

    Over the next few days, if you notice any server-wide disconnects, please let me know.

    If anyone's interested, our current server specs are below - which should be more than enough for our current playerbase.
    I am overall content with our host, and do not feel a need to move servers, but may look into the possibility of renting a dedicated machine to stop the interference of other people's activities.

    Debian 7 x64 KVM
    1 GBPS Uplink
    1 CPU core @ 3.4GHZ
    2 GB Memory

    Thanks for your patience!