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  • SSL certificate renewed

    Posted on Friday December 21, 2018

    SSL certificate has been updated so chrome and firefox don't continue warning the site is insecure.
    The certificate will automatically renew in the future if it expires.
    Also: the automated backup interval has been reduced (from: every 24 hours, to: once a month) as the server is largely inactive.
    That's all folks.
  • Necrotic ...Is Yours [Release]

    Posted on Thursday March 15, 2018

    Fuzzy paragraph:
    Thank you to everyone who has played my server. You've literally paid for my college degree in Computer Science, and gave me a reason to continue the project as long as I have. 2 YEARS BABY!
    While I feel it is time for me to move on, and focus on the future; I hope someone can learn from my project, as I've learned from other releases.
    Ruse was attractive because it came with content out of the box.
    I would honestly say there's a lot of shit code in this release (like most releases), but lets face it - you don't care.
    Thank you to the community of Rune-Server as well. You've served as a great resource of knowledge.

    [Image: logo.png]

    Necrotic was a development of the Ruse source.
    Here is our (old) advertisement thread.
    I have decided to release this because I do not currently plan further developments on the project.

    Full Package, Cache + Client + Server + Media: .torrent
    Mirrors; [1][2],


    ↪ Server Features ↩
    Loot Viewer
    Teleport interface & w/ history
    Custom Zulrah
    Ironman, UIM Modes.
    Skillcape Perks
    Bank [x], all-but-one
    Achievements with Rewards
    Ironman specific shops
    Custom Items/models (Ecumenical Key)
    Shift-click dropping
    Fixed, Resizeable, or Fullscreen modes
    Custom, unique clue scroll system
    ~30 Bosses
    Achievements with Rewards
    Discord Integration
    Vote rewards
    FULL Fletching + Enchanting
    FULL Crafting
    Smith [x]
    Unique (toggleable) walking animations
    Multiple modes
    Team dungeoneering
    Boss slayer tasks
    Convenient skilling plots
    Jewelcrafting & enchanting
    Slayer tracker
    Boss pets
    Drop logs
    Holiday Events
    Bonus EXP
    Quick prayers
    Well of Good Will
    Unique skilling areas
    Kill tracker
    Unique PvM
    Custom Clanchat Color
    Username highlighting
    Returning lost pets
    BoB healing
    Right-click summoning orb

    [Image: 2c7HRqb.png]
    [Image: OIlftUf.gif]
    [Image: WGiqZfc.png]
    [Image: ZrqBZvg.png]
    [Image: FRcrxfS.gif]
    [Image: hE8qzFc.png]
    [Image: rHhtncA.png]
    [Image: PerfumedAdoredAmericancrow.gif]
    [Image: JubilantFailingAquaticleech.gif]
    [Image: oMaqKdS.png]
    [Image: eEW98HV.png]
    [Image: ByUOwTI.png]
    [Image: uCvk4jm.png]
    [Image: LastingGloriousAsianelephant.gif]
    [Image: nv72b6N.png]
    [Image: nszZdT9.png]
    [Image: 9Ua9Fzx.png]
    [Image: YkxaKPM.png]
    [Image: EBbrbEj.png]
    [Image: YkxaKPM.png]
    [Image: ColdEntireHarborporpoise.gif]
    [Image: CleverRegularIslandwhistler.gif]
    [Image: WholeScholarlyHoverfly.gif]
    [Image: OrganicNeglectedGelada.gif]
    [Image: SZaEx6n.png]
    [Image: r6OStf5.png]
    [Image: LightPracticalDuckbillcat.gif]
    [Image: PzNPUgl.png]

    [SPOILER=A lot of older Screenshots/Gifs]
    [Image: oDBzjCV.gif]
    [Image: 7Cseo74.gif]
    [Image: D7gCWjG.gif]
    [Image: TjeNZxN.gif]
    [Image: JtFSzDk.png]
    [Image: DB4lsEC.gif]
    [Image: OIlftUf.gif]
    [Image: vDmSI8K.png]
    [Image: lvdOtT2.png]
    [Image: 1AjNemr.png]
    [Image: OtNza4l.gif]
    [Image: PzNPUgl.png]
    [Image: l0BaARk.jpg]
    [Image: frD5hLU.jpg]
    [Image: zQ6czVH.jpg]
    [Image: pEkOv7E.jpg]
    [Image: r8MqALW.jpg]
    [Image: 7T9Drsj.jpg]
    [Image: 2lYZVj1.jpg]
    [Image: 1Q0tyf3.jpg]
    [Image: shiftdrop.gif]
    [Image: gUVFh0P.gif]
    [Image: FOtBboa.gif]
    [Image: fgEFpQY.gif]
    [Image: X79ogNq.gif]
    [Image: wyYBDA8.gif]
    [Image: 3swQmkP.png]
    [Image: nVCPwUS.png]
    [Image: epC9HPd.png]
    [Image: QX3jNJK.png]
    [Image: HTtu38c.png]
    [Image: Qzv0CcO.jpg]
    [Image: 1xqAvip.png]
    [Image: 6pl8FIf.png]

    [Image: Q0t7LVL.png]

    Swiffy - Ruse Release. Never talked to the guy, but he's the reason this exists.
    Hitten (contracted) - Created our sick-ass interfaces. I HIGHLY recommend this man. Our teleport interface is truly beautiful. Permission to release obtained.
    Deku (forum contributor) - Ground Item Snippit was implemented. Thank you!
    Higurashi (player) - Helped us with NPC related spawns, definitions, and other odd jobs.
    TwinkyRS - Ex-Developer/Founder. Responsible for almost all of our early client development, worked on server content, and more.
    Kilik312 (from tribot) - Ex-Developer/Founder. Worked on server content, customs, and more.
    Crimson/Necrotic - Me. Developer/Owner (always hated that title though). Ran the server solo after the other two developers resigned. Jack of all trades, master of none. :penguin:
  • Patch Notes [8/23/2017] (Update #78)

    Posted on Wednesday August 23, 2017

    Two major influences on the game have both resigned from our staff team since the last update.

    Brandon has left the development team. He plans to occasionally check in, but focus on other things. I wish my long time partner success, and stability.

    Ned has left the staff team too, for reasons beyond our reach. Ned has been one of our most dedicated staff for a long time, and I wish him the best.

    As a reminder to all unfamiliar, we have existed on this system before, and I am comfortable with it. We are still in the process of fully transitioning into a single-developer update cycle. Updates
    will be pushed out with increased consistency moving forward. I suppose this means we're accepting staff applications again, too.

    Finally, on a personal note - thank you all. It's still amazing to see the amount of support from the community. We're not going anywhere.
      • Major lag optimizations.
      • Support for the "#" character when using ::setyellhex, which previously caused issues.
      • Changed the value of spirit shields in relation to ancient nex gear. Divine > Ely > Nex Body > Nex Legs > Nex Helm
      • Removed "Crawling hand" item drop from Crawling hand's drop table.
      • Barrows no longer spams "You manage to continue your clue".
      • Edibles; King Worm, Toad Legs, Bread.
      • Fixed some of the JavaScript buttons that were broken around the site. More work still needs to be done.
      • Added "Implemented" subsection to "approved" subsection in suggestions.
      • Pickpocketing NPCs! With their proper loot tables. 
      • Stun system, implemented with thieving.
      • Watermelon seeds added to Farming skill shop for non-iron players.
      • Improved PvP error logging to be more aggressive.
      • Improved efficiency, and reduced redundancy of engine.
      • Improved assigning of salts for hashing.
      • Logging of players & gambling improved.
      • Improved PlayerLoading for "old" character files.
      • Modular hashing system.

    [Image: EAVH1XQ.png]
    [Image: CleverRegularIslandwhistler.gif]