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  • Patch Notes [7/25/2017] (Update #77)

    Posted on Tuesday July 25, 2017

    Hey guys we have a nice update for you hear today that includes gambling, a long with other exciting updates like degrading Ancient PvP Armours!

    - Recent lag you've possibly experienced should be resolved now. 
    - Reduced the price of multiple items when selling them to a shop.
    - Trio drop rates nerfed. 
    - You can now right click the Slayer Gem to check remaining kills. 
    - Improved our current degrading system to work better and expand easier. 
    - Ancient PvP armour(Statius, Vesta, Zuriels, Morrigans) now will degrade after 1 hit and become untradeable, after 1 hour of combat it will crumble to dust.
    -  Potion Decanting is here, You can do this via the Herblore NPC via the Skill tabs. 
    - Gambling is here, we're starting off with releasing dice bag (roll up to 100). You can teleport to the Gambling area via the command ::gamble , With that being said you can go to the member zone and pick up a dice bag for 500m gold. The dice bag is untradeable. You can only roll dice in your own clan chat. 
    - PvP attack bug should now be fixed, please let us know if you have any issues!
    - Food crate removed and renamed to Vote crate. 
    - Achievement rewards now will go to the proper bank tab. 
    - Potions are now aligned properly. 
    - Groundtext command now saves in settings file locally to prevent you from having to constantly use the command, and is lowered more to the floor.
    - Weapons interface now update properly when an item degrades. 
    - Gear bonuses will now properly update when an item degrades. 
    - Odium + Malediction Ward
    - Armadyl talisman now properly named Soul Talisman. 
    - Hiscores now update on logout. 

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  • Hiscores re-released!

    Posted on Saturday July 15, 2017

    Our Hiscores have been re-released.
    These Hiscores can be filtered by Game mode, skill, etc.
    Hiscores will update as you play, about every 10 minutes or upon logout. You MUST LOGIN & wait a few minutes to have your account added to the new hiscores.
    Oh, and max EXP for skills is now capped at 2b.

    You can even generate dynamic signatures for your character.
    [Image: card.php?user=Crimson]

    Report any bugs you have found as a reply to this thread!
  • Patch Notes [7/11/2017] (Update #76)

    Posted on Tuesday July 11, 2017

    Hey guys, it's been a few weeks since our last update. Fortunately, that's not due to a lack of work! Today we're bringing you some great updates and bug fixes. We're really excited with the avenue suggestions have been going, and we're excited going forward. In other news, our old friend Ned has resigned from his staff position. From all of us on the Staff team, we wish you the best Ned, and hope to continue seeing videos and guides from you.

      • Password hashing has been updated to 2017's standards.
      • Vote shop logs - will give us information on which items are most popular/least popular going forward.
      • Dragon arrow fletching.
      • New commands for Moderators.
      • Vengeance timer will appear in both fixed & resizeable modes after being cast. We would like to expand this system in the future to include more cooldowns.
      • Guard drop tables.
      • Drop Interface now properly displays stacks of items.
      • Drop Interface will let you know if no drops were found.
      • Drop Interface now includes many of the reported missing NPCs.
      • Drop Interface will remove old NPCs from list upon new search.
      • Fixed a null issue while in certain locations.
      • Drop rates for Venefica corrected.
      • Low alch now gives 60% of an item's value (high alch is still 75%).
      • DFS now has a 2 minute cooldown on it's operate.
      • DFS has had it's max hit increased to 250 (constitution) to match RS.
      • DFS will always hit a whole number.
      • DFS can no longer be used without proper charges.
      • Rock cake added to the bar at home. Features quirky text, a left-click to remove 5 damage, and right click to lower to 1 constitution.
      • Ice gloves now have a purpose... See above @Milk Man.
      • Ice gloves are now untradeable/unsellable.
      • Kills tracker added to the Slayer skill tab button.
      • Dagganoth (i) rings now have 900k item value.
      • Desert Top clipping fixed.
      • Crimson's Katana item worth is now 10m.
      • Crimson's Katana has had it's high stab bonus swapped with it's (previously) lower slash bonus.
      • Steel Tempest item worth is now 16m.
      • Cannon notification when at 15/5 cannonballs.
      • Ground Items now displayed OSBuddy style. (Text above item)
      • Type "groundtext" in client console to toggle the above effect.
      • Ground Items now display the amount next to stackable items.
      • Zulrah despawn checks.
      • Black Dragon has proper animations.
      • Void body/legs can now properly be substituted for the deflector.
      • Monkey Skeletons now properly renamed from "Skeleton"
      • Slayer masters can now be right-clicked to show which difficulty task they assign.
      • Quick prayer bugs fixed.
      • Easter Bunny Jr renamed to Brandon Jr.

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