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  • Patch Notes [4/28/2017] (Update #65)

    Posted on Friday April 28, 2017

    This patch contains a lot of crucial behind the scene patches we needed along with some great QoL changes to the overall game. 
    Make sure you check out our new store here:
    Blowpipe now has proper values and will deal more damage than before. 

    - Smithing bug fixed. 
    - You can now use Tome of inquisition on Crystal Chest.
    - You can now Fletch Bolt Tips.
    - You can now Fletch Gem Bolts. 
    - You can now Enchant bolts. 
    - When enchanting you will return to your magic book once your spell has been casted. 
    - You will now automatically make Herblore potions. No more clicking one at a time!
    - Vesta chainbody now has proper arm clipping. 
    - Fixed typo on Skull Sceptre. 
    - Blowpipe bug fixed causing it to deal less damage after the blowpipe re-work. 
    - Brand new store check it out here:

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  • Patch Notes [4/20/2017] (Update #64)

    Posted on Thursday April 20, 2017

    Today's update is short and to the point, but one that affected a few users.
    That's all for now. Stay tuned.
      • Teleport Interface should no longer kick players.
      • Error detection added to Teleport Interface. If errors are found it will let you know with a message, and reset the offending data.
    [Image: p04XQrq.png]
  • Patch Notes [4/19/2017] (Update #63)

    Posted on Wednesday April 19, 2017

    Decided I wasn't done developing for the day, and gave some much needed love to (mostly) runespan.
      • Member Cape. For sale in Member zone. Acts as a skillcape for all skills you have level 99 in. Same stats as regular skill cape.
      • Runespan - take less damage from NPCs by wearing runecrafter gear. (1/3+{amount of runecrafter gear}) is chance of getting hit each time you go for exp. You can mix and match colors.
      • Banker at runespan.
      • Get runecrafter gear from fragment NPC.
      • No longer lose items on death at runespan.
      • Summoning skillcape has 1/10 chance to save charms when creating pouches.
      • Fixed teleport interface crashes.
      • Paddle added to cluescroll loot tables. Unique rare.
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